Friday, February 25, 2011

The Great Pudding Debacle

It all started off as "therapy", but ended up in a chocolaty mess!  Darya's speech therapist suggested giving Darya something like pudding to help her learn how to self-feed. It's soft, but firm enough to stay on a spoon without dripping off.  That is, if she decided to actually use her spoon!  So, last night after dinner I gave her some chocolate pudding.  I fed her a couple of spoonfuls to whet her appetite for it, and boy did it work!  She wanted more.  A lot more!  I let her have at it.  At first, she used the spoon successfully. Then she found using her hand was much easier AND more fun!  It was fun to eat. Fun to squish. Fun to rub.  Fun to splash.  We had quite the show last night as you can see:

"Who needs a spoon?"

"This is more like it!"


"Mom, I'm liking this therapy stuff!"

Now to see it in all its glorious action: 

You have to check out the pictures on Joel's blog.  He got the best ones:


  1. She's so very cute. It would seem that pudding works as a mask too! :)

  2. was really funny and fun to watch, the only problem is that now she thinks this is the WAY to eat pudding. I think we're in trouble dear.

  3. That is amazing! So precious! I cant wait until my son eats by mouth. Tears will be flowing for sure and this time from me not him, lol.

    Be blessed