Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ABC-Shells for Carlene

The other night, Ben, our 7 year old son came to me in tears.  His heart was broken for the orphans.  The reality of life for orphans, of children just like him, just hurt his tender heart.  He wanted to help, but didn't think he could do anything since he's only a 7 year old kid. He was feeling utterly inadequate and helpless.  I comforted him the best I could and reminded him of Darya's amazing story, how a year ago a kid like him (11 year old Lydia Hollis) raised almost $30,000 in under two weeks!  And not only was Darya able to come home with that grant, but also another child for another family!  Now a year later, Darya is with a loving family of her own.  Money is the only thing standing in the way of families for these children.  I reminded Ben that nothing is impossible for God.  Even if he only raised $1, it would be to God's glory, and that every dollar means a child is closer to a family.  That made him happy and he was encouraged :-)

That evening, he went to bed brainstorming ways he could raise money.  When I went to bed, I found a pile of shells on my nightstand with letters written on them.  He had secretly come up with his very own fundraising idea and apparently couldn't sleep until he was done (he's usually the first kid asleep).  He really wants to fundraise so another orphan, like Darya, can have the chance to have a family of their own.  We decided to fundraise for Carlene, in honor of Darya, and especially because she is the orphan that Lydia Hollis has chosen to fundraise again this year.  With everyone's help, we can make a difference in sweet little Carlene's life and give her a chance.  A family who is there now (in Russia), said she is so close to being transferred.  Please help save her precious life!!  She NEEDS a family!!  She did have a family who was coming, but because of some unusual life-circumstances have had to let her go.  Her days are truly numbered!

So, Ben wants to make this a give-away.  For every donation (no matter how small, even $1 helps!) you will have a chance to win "Ben's custom made ABC-Shells".  Oh, there is so much you can do with them, just use your imagination! :-)  As a bonus, you will also receive an original drawing by our 5-year old, Nate, of his brother holding the bag of seashells (his idea)!  Oh, boy!  If you donate $35 or more, you will get an ornament from Reece's Rainbow like the one in the picture in addition for a chance to win this one-of-a-kind collection ;-).  Just use the chip-in on the side and it will link you to Reece's Rainbow's paypal account. Your donation will go directly into Carlene's grant.  EVERY BIT HELPS!!

Here are the ABC-Shells that can be yours (ornament not included - but you can get one for a $35 donation to Reece's Rainbow!) 

Here is the bonus drawing by our talented 5 year old Nate!  Ben was camera shy, so Nate drew a picture of his big brother.  Notice the bag of shells in his hand?  Isn't the likeness of his brother uncanny? ;-)  

By the way, Darya is still doing great!!  Our hearts are overflowing with love for our precious little girl!  I will try to update soon, with pictures :-)


  1. This is awesome! I'll donate $5 for Ben's great idea :)

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  3. That is the sweetest thing I've heard in a long time. Ben, you are awesome. I have big hopes for Carlene to get a family soon. We were the family you mentioned in this post, (who was in Russia) and it makes us so sad to think that she will be going to the institution soon. She and our little Anya grew up in the same baby home until a year ago. I hope her family can get her soon. Thanks for helping, Ben.

  4. I would like to help by making a set of hot pads (like you use in the kitchen made with yarn but have no blog etc to host an event like this. I would be willing to ship them to you if you host the event.


  5. How wonderful that they have a heart to do something for others. Have donated $20 and want to encourage them to keep on doing whatever they can. God bless you all.

  6. Your kids are very thoughtful!!

  7. Is there a blog for the Hollis family? I remember donating to her but someone have lost that link. Please let me know. Thanks!

  8. Thank you everyone for your donations!!

    Jennie - thank you for your offer! you can email me at mefick at gmail dot com

    Jeannette - the Hollis family's blog is:

  9. Love the update with Darya eating goldfish!!! I'm learning our girls do every last thing when THEY are good and ready :) Love it!