Friday, November 26, 2010

Fall, Baby!

Yesterday, our 19 pound turkey celebrated her first Thanksgiving!  I can't even describe how thankful I am for this little girl in my life.  She is a treasure who is loved more than she'll ever know!  We had a great day yesterday and had a young family from church spend the day with us.  We stuffed ourselves with Joel's delicious feast (he's got his Thanksgiving recipes perfected), relaxed, and played some games.  My friend, Loren, took some great pictures that I want to share:

Getting ready


Before we stuffed ourselves

Classic olive fingers (I took this one as you can tell by the poor photo quality! haha)

The guys played a bit of football.....

....while the girls watched

She loves to crunch the leaves

 What's so funny?


What a great day!


  1. What a great day indeed! So happy for you!

  2. Thanks for feeding us a wonderful Feast! We are very thankful for Darya and your family. We had a memorable time. Thank you!
    I loved it that the boys all said they were thankful for family and for Darya. Praise to the Lord.

  3. What beautiful wonderful pictures! Happy 1st Thanksgiving Darya! :)

  4. What a nice Thanksgiving!!! Don't you wish you were in cold Ukraine, sick, eating pizza? Oh wait, that was me! ;)