Monday, November 8, 2010

Princess and the Peas

Darya's my little sidekick.  But when it comes to eating, let's just say it's been a battle.  Some meals she eats fine, but usually she puts up a fight (though she drinks liquids just fine).  A couple of weeks ago, Joel and I asked to have Darya's number twos tested for parasites. Our pediatrician didn't think she needed to be tested because she wasn't having any diarrhea, but alas for our peace of mind she was happy to oblige us. Turns out our princess had some little parasite friends in her intestines, Giardia!  5 days of medicine and she's eating much better (today was her last dose)!  Today she ate three full meals (even things she had never tried before like peas!) and even made progress on chewing.  Usually she just chews with her tongue, but tonight I tried her again on those baby fruit puffs and she chewed some!!  I was so proud of her!!  What a difference!! She has put on some weight since being home with us, but now I hope she'll fill out and get some more meat on those bones :-)

Things have been very busy but good.  With appointments, homeschooling, church, guests, laundry and just plain old life, we've been keeping busy.  It's a good busy and we love our full life, but please forgive my lack of updates on Darya :-)  We are trying to get into a routine, but that really won't likely happen for a few months.  Thankfully the kids are all so understanding and know how to go with the flow :-) Okay, here are a couple pictures:

The Princess and her peas (for lunch)

Getting sleepy and snuggling with her baby


  1. She is such a little peach! (: She looks so happy to be home with her family. Thanks for the update!


  2. I sure wish I could find a reason for Ella's lack of eating....anything but behavioral would be nice!! So glad you pushed to have Darya checked...great instincts Momma!! Darya looks cute as ever!!