Friday, November 12, 2010

Life's a Beach (or at least today was)

Today we decided to take a break from the busy-ness of our lives to spend a relaxing afternoon at the beach.  We packed pb&j's, loaded up the minivan, and drove an hour west to the quaint fishing town of Cedar Key.  The weather was absolutely perfect with the warm Florida sunshine and cool Gulf breezes. The boys brought shovels to dig (to search for pirate gold perhaps?) and Darya enjoyed every last grain of sand surrounding her.  

*On a side note, Darya had her eyes checked this week and turns out she's a bit farsighted and will need glasses. Stay posted for an ultra-cute post when she gets them!

Here are some pictures from today's excursion (pardon the photo quality - Joel was able to savage my pool dipped camera, but the lens is still a bit foggy):

Beach babe

She played happily in the sand for over an hour

 The boys diggin' for critters

 What'd ya find?

 Not gold, but a sea snail will do

 Darya loves the swing - the higher the better!  

Me and my beautiful kids (and a manatee statue :-) )


  1. Adorable!


  2. What fun!! You make a wonderful family and I can't wait to meet you someday (soon, I hope). I can't get over how well Darya seems to adapt to every new thing. First the pool and now the sand. She is awesome!!

  3. Okay....rub it in....go look at our blog. You can see our beach! It was beautiful though!

  4. What a fun outing! It looks like Darya is a beach baby!

  5. Beautiful pictures!! To think what Precious little Darya's life was like and what it now is soooo amazing!! Thank God for your decision to adopt!!!