Thursday, January 6, 2011

3 months home already!

Has it really been 3 months since Darya came home???  Wow!!  Yes, time has flown, but mostly it feels like she's always been a part of our family.  My heart just overflows with love for my little girl :-)

Each day she amazes me.  She is walking everywhere now. She is learning new signs and surprises me with what she remembers and understands.  She signs: more, eat, all done, down, bath, ball, shoes, fish (for goldfish crackers), and music.  She also tries to say some of the words like "baa" for bath.  She is also turning into a mischievous little 2 year old.  She loves sneaking into the bathroom to splash in the toilets (ew!), and she has figured out how to crawl out of her crib (pack-n-play really) so she can play with her activity table.  It's quite funny because we'll think she's asleep then we hear music coming from her bedroom.  It will be pitch black in there and she'll be standing at her table with the lights and music going off.  What a ham!  

She had her last "specialist" referral the other day at the audiologist's office.  Everything went great and her ears seem to be working well.  When she's older, they'll do a more thorough hearing test with headphones to test each ear's hearing individually.

We leave for California in a few days (sooo excited to see family and friends there who are all dying to meet Darya), and when we get back she'll start her therapies. Speech and occupational therapists will come into our home.  That will be so nice to not have to take her somewhere.  Unfortunately it's only until she's 3 (which is in June).

Well, that's a quick summary!  I'll try to post pics/video soon!


  1. Eek, you really should get some toilet lid locks. Her splashing in the potty is not only gross, but a danger. Toilets are a drowning hazard, since little kids' centers of gravity are still way off. They can topple in headfirst and not make it back out. :(

  2. icanteven - yes, I know it's not only gross (hence she's gotten a bath right after splashing - it's only happened a couple of times and is new) but a danger. We usually leave the doors closed, but I do need to get some of those locks. :-)

  3. I remember when my husband hurt his arm and my 2nd oldest was maybe 2 1/2 at the time comes in with a wet washcloth and puts it on his arm. He was so grateful. He kept saying thank you about a minute later I looked at him and said...Wait! She cant reach the sink. YUP!You guessed it, she dipped the washcloth in the toilet. When I went back to the toilet 18 washcloths were in the toilet. LOL! I have invested in a lock but we took it off shortly after because kids were getting to the bathroom too late with it on.

    Have a great time in Cali.

    be blessed

  4. Ashlee - that is too funny!!!!!

  5. We will miss you guys while you're gone Marianne. I always look forward to seeing Darya's smile on Sunday. I am glad Nate liked his shirts too :-). Thanks for the update and I am so happy that Darya is blossoming now that she is in your home.