Saturday, January 8, 2011

6 pounds and some change

That's how much weight Darya has put on in three months! I took her to the pediatrician yesterday.  She's had these little red dots all over her body, and several times little areas that have red pinpoint dots.  I was almost certain it was petechiae (which could be an early indication of leukemia). This worried mother was so relieved to find out that it was only eczema!  The boys have had eczema and it's never looked like that, but two doctors looked at it and were both certain (even the small areas with small red dots that don't blanch when pressed).  So now I have to wash her clothes in perfume-free detergent and use perfume-free wash and lotion for her.  If it doesn't help, then we'll see if it's something else causing her allergy (environmental or food).  But when the nurse put her on that scale and she was over 22 pounds I was surprised!  I knew she'd put on weight, but 6 pounds! haha!!  I love my chunky monkey :-)


  1. Yeah Darya...way to put on the pounds! I have a few I can give her too :). Praise God she didn't have leukemia...we have been praying for her (and you).

    Michelle Enskat

  2. My daughter used to get a rash that exactly resembled petechiae that really scared me! Come to find out, she had an odd allergy to Pull Ups. When she stopped wearing them, the rash went away and never came back.
    Darya is ADORABLE!Just love seeing new pictures of her!