Saturday, June 11, 2011

A few pictures

Happy 3rd birthday, Darya! She devoured her piece of cake :-)  I should have gotten a picture of it! But she'll get another one in a few weeks when Grandma comes to visit us from California. We'll just say this was a practice one:

I guess Darya liked her spaghetti so much she wanted to share it with her bear:

Here we are posing near her new kitchen in our matching matroyshka (nesting doll) aprons I bought for us in her birth city.  They were made by a cute old babushka:

In other news, things are finally simmering down. I feel like this spring has been incredibly busy and I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit more this summer!  Hopefully that means I can blog a bit more.  Not that I have anything witty or profound to write about, but I do enjoy it. :-)  


  1. I LOVE the aprons! And the kitchen. My poor girl, her play kitchen isn't nearly so cool! lol Happy Birthday Darya!