Friday, July 15, 2011

Alive and well

Some cuteness for ya'll (okay, I'm not a true southerner so if it should be y'all let me know.....being a California native I should say "you guys"):

I was reminded by someone that I haven't blogged in a while (thanks for the reminder, Mims!).  I guess it has been almost a month! We are doing great and enjoying the summer.  Nothing new to report....well probably lots of stuff I can write about but I won't bore you with details. Here are some random tidbits:

Today is Joel's birthday. Happy birthday love-of-my-life! :-)

Darya had a cardiologist visit yesterday.  Everything still looks great with her heart (she had surgery in Ukraine for an ASD when she was 17 months).  He said if she goes on any medication (ex: thyroid) then he'll want to see her every 6 months, otherwise it's annually now. Last time she was checked, her thyroid levels were good.  She did great when they did the EKG (well, she didn't like it too much until Sam sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" a couple of times) and for the echocardiogram she lied still for 20 minutes (the cartoons on the t.v. helped)!  

Darya also had blood drawn last week (it took them three tries to get a good spot on her...poor thing!!).  They did an allergy panel and she is fine with dogs, wheat, dairy, egg whites, and whatever else they tested her for. They are still waiting for the celiac results, but she eats normal foods without any problems so I don't think there's any concern. 

Today she had to get another immunization shot.  She'll go back again next month for another one.  She is slowly getting up to date with her shots, but I don't want to give her too many at once so they are being spread out. 

Poor thing hates people in scrubs now.

My mom and nephew (my twin sis's son) came out from California a couple of weeks ago. We had so much fun! It was their first time visiting us in Florida since we moved here over 3 years ago.  Here are the boys all together (the boy giving thumbs up is my adorable and sweet nephew, Joey):

Okay, that's it for now.  I will update again soon! :-)


  1. Claire's not a fan of echos either. All that sitting still is hard! Glad to hear all her appts are going well and that you are enjoying summer.

  2. What a blessing that she isn't allergic to anything. Thanks for the update, Marianne!