Sunday, May 13, 2012

Springtime is busy time

Wow, this is post 200!  It was 2 years ago that we were in the whirlwind of adoption paperwork.  Now here we are living life as usual, with the addition of our beautiful little girl.  I must say that spring is always busy in our house!  Or rather I should say out of our house as it's when baseball season and good weather are upon us. Two of our boys are playing spring ball, which means lots of practices and games, many out of town.  The weather is just beautiful this time of year, too, and we've been enjoying lots more time outside.  We had such a wimpy winter this year, that our pool has warmed up early enough this year for the boys to enjoy (Joel, Darya, and I prefer to wait until its at least 85 degrees!).  I'm sure I've got lots more to say, and hopefully update again soon, but for now I'll just post a couple of photos (unfortunately my laptop died recently, which means I lost A LOT of photos, but what can I do?)

Ben's action shot:

Joel and the boys by Lake Alice (University of Florida campus):

Darya and my turn for a photo op.....see the small alligator on the left?

Darya now prefers to eat at the bar like her big brothers. Here she is enjoying a snack after a nap (as evidenced by her wacky hair):


  1. Very cool picture of Ben in action! I'm technologically challenged so this is just a thought... you may be able to retrieve the pictures off the hard drive if it was place in another laptop. (Something to do in your free time. :o)

  2. I love the Lake Alice pics, and Darya looks a bit like a mad scientist concocting something special there.

  3. Great pictures. Calvin started baseball this year. I wonder how you do it with three boys, practices and out of town games. Yikes!

    After 200 posts are you considering a new name? Maybe, "Darya's Home". Love you guys!

  4. Even with bedhead, Darya is gorgeous! Your joyful family makes me smile :-)

  5. I can't get over how big Darya is now! She looks so happy and healthy :-)