Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I-5 at Rush Hour

Really, any day now the final draft of our home study should be in our hands!!  We are at a stand still until that's completed, so no news to report as far as adoption progress.  I feel like we're stuck on I-5 in downtown L.A. during rush hour!  I  can see our destination, but we just can't get there yet.  Soon enough, I know, soon enough.

I do have a couple of other blessings to share.  Some dear friends of ours, the Lims, who have two adorable little girls gave us a Britax Marathon car seat for Darya!  It still has 1-2 years before it "expires" so that is so nice to have already...and it's pink!  Super cute.  And today a package arrived in the mail from our dear friends, the Franciscos, with some super cute goodies for Darya!  I just adore that family. Their kids, especially Emma and Ethan, pray diligently for Darya and other orphans every day!  It really warms my heart :-)  Oh, and I made a $6 thrift store investment and made enough money on eBay to buy Darya's stroller.  

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  1. gotta love ebay ! I peeked at your stroller too..very nice :) no word yet on my hs either...