Thursday, May 20, 2010

Please Help Emory!

Andrea Roberts, the founder of Reece's Rainbow, has sent out an urgent request for the help of finding a little boy, Emory, find a home ASAP.  The following is taken straight from the Reece's Rainbow blog:

Emory Needs a Family!

Donations are urgently needed to help find a family for Emory!
A family able to help with his medical needs is urgently needed!

Emory is a beautiful boy. The family who chooses to bring him home must know how to handle G tubes and anal atresia. He will thrive when he is in a family but will need medical help. He was born with anal atresia but has already had one corrective surgery. He currently has a tube in and will require additional surgeries. 

He is affectionate and in need of a loving family! "The Doctors were surprised by his will to live". Can you give him the chance he is fighting for

Please scroll down to find Emory's Warrior button. Please put it on your blog and facebook and anything else you can to help his forever family find him! Again, thank you for all you do for these children!

Emory can be found here:

Emory  (10)
Boy, Born February 25, 2008
Emory is new to this orphanage, and can be adopted with David or Evan.  He was born with anal atresia, but has already had one corrective surgery.  He currently has a tube in, and will require additional surgeries.   He does NOT have a heart condition.  Developmentally he is doing very well.  He is happy and affectionate and in need of a loving family!
Emory is still young enough to benefit from early intervention therapy!  Please give him a chance! 
From one of our adoptive families who visited with him in May 2010:  " Emory had just returned from Kiev, where he had another corrective surgery. They built him a lower intestine and a rectum. He is very  frail and in desperate need of a family. The director told me that he almost didn't make it through surgery and that the Dr's were surprised by his will to live. The director wants very much to find him a  family and made a point to walk us down to where he was so we could get his pic.   She also showed us his corrective surgery....which caught me off guard, but she was so pleased funds were available to help this little guy!  His rebuilt rectum is at the site of where is colostomy bag was...on his lower left abdomen. He wore 2 diapers, one that went horizontal around the site and then a typical diaper. "
We are so glad to have new photos of Emory, and I am personally touched by the way he clasps his hands, as if he is just praying for his family to come for him. 
I have $731in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!

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