Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative outlet

Sometimes I get the hankering to make something.  I'm not a really crafty person but enjoy making simple projects.  It's all about instant gratification.  I took up knitting a few years back, and though I can knit a scarf or a beanie hat, it can take too long.  I have to be in the right mood.  Anyway, lately I've been wanting to sew something and try my hand at appliqué.  It's a way to relieve some of this adoption anxiety!  I made the dress below for my dear friend Shelli's little girl.  The shirt with the bird silhouette is for Amanda's adorable little girl, Naomi.  (Shelli and Amanda are friends from church, and they're sisters, too).  The whale one I made for Darya (it was a hand-me-down and had a stain - the whale strategically covers it!).  Now I want to make a bunch of appliqué shirts!  It was so fun, so easy, and there are so many cute ideas on and elsewhere on the web. Watch out friends, you might find yourself the victim of one of my next craft project!  Just hope that it's not a toaster cover ;-)

Oh, also today I received a voicemail from the Missouri USCIS office and the officer is going to be keeping an eye out for our home study!  I hope we get our finger print appointments soon!!!


  1. Those are so adorable!!!
    Lily wears a 3T. :)

    And what is wrong with a toaster cover? I made one for my mom in Junior High!!

    Glad things are coming along!

    Missy B

  2. Love the little dress! Where did you get your pattern? Looks like something I might be able to make. Excited for you that things are moving along!!

  3. Lily's size is noted, Missy :-)

    Leah, I got the pattern on etsy, though there are free tutorials online (I just needed to pay for very detailed directions since I can be incompetent at times!):

  4. Ahhh cute!! I definitely think that Darya and Ella need matching ones :)

  5. Too stinkin' cute! I cannot wait to get a picture of the girls in their matching clothes! Thanks again Marianne!

  6. Wow Marianne! I was able to finally get on your blog and look at everything. THANK YOU for making Lella such a beautiful dress. She will absolutely love it! I am excited too to see things moving forward for you all. It will be here before you know it and Darya will be wearing her sweet shirt! Thank you again Marianne. We listened to Joel's sermon on the way home from West Palm. Steve had me hunt Hope Town and the other islands we visited for a writable disk that he could burn the sermon onto from Mims' computer. The sermon was so edifying and one of our favorites. Like Steve says, "I have like twenty favorites in my top five!" :-) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow!