Friday, June 11, 2010


So I called USCIS to check in on our I-600A application.  Our social worker was supposed to have sent it directly to our regional USCIS office last week so I just wanted to follow up.  I thought sending it directly there, would expedite the process.  (In email, I was told from someone at the Jax office that I could just have it sent directly there rather than to the main office where they process all applications, since they would be getting our file anyway). Well, it turns out that the regional offices no longer receive the files and do not process them anymore (someone please tell that to the Jax office??). Well, someone at the main office is going to email them and have them send our home study directly to their office, located in Missouri. Once they receive it there, then we should get our fingerprint appointments.


But my husband graciously reminded me today that I need to see what has been accomplished so far, to help me put things in perspective.  From the time we committed to the idea of adopting a child with DS, we thought it would take several years. But it's been just a matter of months. We have the support of family and friends (I know many people have received negative comments and no support).  Finances have been provided.  There are no major glitches with the paperwork and notary signatures (a few bumps, but nothing big).  I have so much to be thankful for!!  Darya is so worth it!  I have no reason to complain when I have a loving family, roof over my head, clothes on my back, my health, and most of all my Savior.


  1. Hi! Thanks for introducing yourself on my blog! I followed the Darya fundraising that Hope's family did, and I can't believe they donated all the money into her fund for you!! I think that's an amazing story, and how wonderful to have her adoption pretty much paid for!! She's precious, and I'm sure you're excited to get her soon!! :)