Friday, August 6, 2010

Birds and baseball

The wall decals we ordered for Darya's room came in yesterday.  So last night Joel and I put it up and think it turned out really cute!  The fabric my mom will be making a bedspread/quilt for Darya will have some birds in it (using some of these fabrics: Valori Wells Nest Fabric) so thought the decal would go well with it.  It's fun to decorate girly!  Oh, and that cute soft pink teddy bear came from our dear friends, the McNeills who have 3 of the sweetest girls ever!  We are getting so close to our girl.  I am glowing with excitement that our dossier was submitted yesterday!

It was such a beautiful evening last night so I sat outside and watched the boys (including Joel), play their daily round of front-yard-baseball.  Here are some post-game shots:

The winners!
The tired first baseman

The teams (can't wait to get the "cheerleader" soon!!)


  1. Love the decal! I've been planning on ordering one for Naomi's room once we move - I think I'm going to do a whole tree - will probably need some advice from you! Looks so darling!

  2. The decals worked perfectly Marianne! Did Joel put it up? I love it!

  3. Amanda - If we didn't have the wainscoting I would have done a whole tree. They're so cute!

    Shelli - We did it together and it took well over an hour. The branches were a bit tricky, but overall not too bad. I still have that sample one if you want to try it :-)

  4. You have such a cute family!! I wish I was going back to the Ukraine soon! We went in Jan. It snowed 3 feet and we were traped in our apartment. We had to walk forever to the orphanage in the snow. I had to buy snow boots there because mone did not cut it. It was terribly cold. I would love to go back now with the weather nice so that we could wlak around and see things there. We are parying for you guys to have a wonderful trip. I also got sooo homesick from my kids that I didnt have as much fun as I could have!!