Friday, August 27, 2010

Mad Lib

Okay, I got some excellent and hilarious responses and it's hard to choose my favorite - you all had me rolling! :-)   So, there were 6 replies and I asked my 5 year old to "randomly" pick a number between 1 and 6.  He chose 6, so here are TUC's words plugged into the paragraph I wrote yesterday, (and of course you can plug in the words from the replies in the post below for some more laughs):

On August 4,2010 Joel and Marianne boarded on a camel's back headed to Kiev, Ukraine to finally meet their baby girl Darya.  It was such long journey and took 1 hour to get there!  When they finally got to her orphanage, they were graciously greeted by the head orphanage bouncer.  The moment finally came to meet Darya.  When the workers brought her in, she was absolutely foolish! She stole their hearts with her big gold eyes and bittersweet smile.  It was a twitterpated moment for all.


  1. I think I just helped write your future, lol!!!! I hope it feels like you are on that giant camel for only an hour :-)