Thursday, August 12, 2010


Yes, I'm a procrastinator.  Always have been.  Hopefully I always won't be, but that's for another day :-).  Anyway, so I've started packing Darya's things.  I realized I didn't have a blanket for her. Well, I do have about a dozen blankets that my mom has made for the boys, but I didn't think something with trucks or baseball is what our girl needs. So rather than doing the quick thing and picking one up for her at Walmart or Target I decided to make one.  Yep, as if I should be sewing rather than the million other things I should be doing. But anyway, I found this tutorial for a minky blanket.  I also made two for some friends who are having boys, along with some tie applique onesies that I saw on this blog.  Here they are:

Pink minky with brown flannel - cozy!!
For my friend (there's another identical set for another friend)


  1. Looks so soft! LOVE the tie onesie too! You need an etsy store!

  2. now that is too sweet..i can see her carrying it everywere

  3. Totally cute! You did a great job on the blankets!