Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet Josephine

Sweet Miss Josephine is a newly listed little girl on Reece's Rainbow. This little princess has stolen my heart!  Oh, good gravy, isn't she a doll?  She is already 5 years old and her life is going to be turned upside down very soon.  Breaks my heart!!  I hope and pray that either a family will be able to adopt her before she is transferred, or that the institution she will be sent to is a decent one (and then, of course, a family can still adopt her).  
I love her long blonde hair in those pigtails.  Here is her profile description: 
"Girl, Born December 2005
Josephine is a beautiful, high functioning, mobile, active, affectionate, intelligent little girl.  
From her caregivers:   talks a lot but not very understandable; understands direct speaking to her; has independent living skills, active, communicative, may retell a short story, knows names of animals.
More photos available, married couples only. "
Please consider making a tax deductible contribution to her adoption grant!!  I noticed today that her grant has $22.50 in it. That's a wonderful start, but her adoption will be one thousand times that.  Let's see if we can get it higher!  You can make a donation to her grant by clicking on this Chip-in below or on the side bar:

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