Saturday, March 26, 2011

One year later

It's been about year since we first committed to adopting Darya.  One year!  During the adoption process, it felt as if time was going so slowly and it would take forever to finally meet our sweet girl.  But here we are, home with her for almost 6 months!  I am keeping our adoption timeline in my sidebar of my blog so I won't ever forget.  All that paper chasing, making sure notary stamps were just so, waiting ever so impatiently for our completed home study report, waiting for our USCIS finger print appointments and that much desired "Golden Ticket"; it was worth every single ounce of stress and exhaustion. When I look into Darya's big brown eyes and she gives me one of her heart melting smiles, I cannot imagine life without her.  When she snuggles up to me for some lovin', puckers her lips for a smooch, or signs "more music" for me to sing yet another song, my heart just overflows!  

  • 6 months ago she gagged on baby fruit puffs and only ate baby food. Today she ate an apple and graham cracker.
  • 6 months ago she was crawling. Today she is walking everywhere, and is a great climber, too (stairs, chairs, and sofa)
  • 6 months ago she only understood Russian and babbled some sounds. Today she can sign over 20 words and can say a handful of words.  Her understanding of English is growing so fast!
  • 6 months ago she slept in a crib. Eerily she'd go to sleep without a fuss and wake up without a sound (I suppose if that's what you're used to).  Now she sleeps in a toddler bed and she's doing great!  When she wakes up, she just plays with her toys until one of her brothers gets her in the morning (they all love taking turns).
  • 6 months ago, she didn't know how to be held (it was awkward for her).  Now Mommy's hip is one of her favorite places.
  • 6 months ago, she didn't know how to play with toys.  Now she will play with toys for hours!

Well, you get the picture! She is just blossoming before our eyes and it is such a joy to watch and be a part of it.  We thank the Lord for bringing Darya into our lives. We love you, peanut butter pancake!


  1. I think it is awesome that Darya is doing so incredibly well and it makes me really happy for you.

    It also makes me sad to read of her accomplishments because Bethany still cannot do ANY of the things Darya was doing 6 months ago, nor is she anywhere close to it, and she & Darya were in the same grouppa in the orphanage (and B is 7 months older) and we came home 6 days after you got home with Darya. I think Bethany & Darya prove what a difference it makes when the orphanage workers like a child versus when they don't.

    Sincerely, though, I AM happy for your family that Darya has adjusted so beautifully. That's how it's supposed to be! :)

  2. Thank you, Kate :-) It absolutely breaks my heart about Bethany. I'll never forget the way she looked when they'd bring her out to you and Charley, all zoned out :-( She is a beautiful little girl - and those dimples! - so how could she not be a favorite?! It makes absolutely no sense. I hope and pray that over time she will overcome those years at the orphanage and finally blossom into the little girl she should be.

  3. :') (Tears of joy) LOVE you guys!

  4. We feel your joy all the way out here. What love is this?

  5. This is truly amazing Marianne. Thank you for writing all of this down so we will always remember where Darya came from and how she was redeemed. Praise the Lord!