Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shark Tooth!

A few weeks ago we noticed that our 6 year old son is growing a tooth behind his two front baby teeth. We assumed it was his adult tooth growing behind, but it turns out it's just an extra tooth!  It's called a mesiodens tooth, and I think is fairly common.  He had a dentist appointment the other day, where they informed us he'll need to have it pulled soon, much to his dismay.  He's  proud of his "shark" tooth and feels quite special and unique.  Anyone else have one??  I read online that it can be inherited, but neither Joel nor I know of anyone in our immediate families who have had one.  Anyway, I know this post is a bit off my usual posts (adoption, DS, etc.), but thought it would provide you all with some mild entertainment ;-)

p.s. Darya is all better from her pneumonia!!


  1. Yah, my oldest son has 2 tooth buds that have not grown or come down (he's 21) and he also had 3 other tooth buds in the lower jaw that prevented one of his permanent teeth from coming up-so those were removed. So yeppers, know all about those fine extra teeth issues. Not seeing our other 3 with any yet-but heh-never know maybe it will skip to the grand kiddies-LOL...
    Glad Darya is feeling better now! :)

  2. Too funny. It's the corollary to Joel and Daria's webbed toes. You all are truly strange!

  3. I have one to I have had it for 2 years now and my teeth are fine