Wednesday, January 11, 2012

7 out of 9

Seven out of nine orphans that we have been specifically praying for over the past few years are either home with families or have families on their way!  Isn't that wonderful?  Our boys faithfully pray daily for the orphans.  They have had no doubt they'd get families, it's just a matter of when it's going to happen.  It's been such a blessing to see my children's faith grow as their prayers are answered.  Each time I tell them that one of the children is on the "My Family Found Me" page on Reece's Rainbow they get so excited and say, "The Lord answered our prayers!".  So true!  Yes, 7 of 9 have families....but I'd love to have that 9 out of 9!

1. The first child we signed up to pray for (through Reece's Rainbow) was "Kyrah" who is now named Jessa.  The boys prayed daily for months and months.  She is now home with the White family, along with four other kiddos from her same orphanage:

Jessa ("Kyrah") then:

Jessa now (in the middle of two of her sisters) - how stinkin' cute are they?:

2.  Shortly after the White family committed to adopting Jessa, we signed up for another precious little girl with Down syndrome.  Sofia was adopted and home with her new family, the Sanchezes, in less than 6 months!

Sofia then:

Sofia now (isn't she just gorgeous?):

3. and 4.  Next, we signed up for two boys with other special needs. These boys had the odds stacked against them. First of all, boys are less likely to be adopted than girls (I don't know why that is). Secondly, they have other special needs that might be harder to place them with families. Finally, they were getting older which slims their chances even more.  But thankfully, God doesn't work within statistics! Seth (formerly known as Phillip on RR) just returned home with his family, the Lunnens, this past fall, and Edwin (who will be Micah) has a family, the Evensens, in country right now adopting him!

Seth then:

Seth now (eating a chicken nugget in the van - All American boy!):

Edwin then:

Micah (aka "Edwin" on RR) now (while in country, still being adopted):

5. and 6. Last year, we helped to fundraise for a little girl, Carlene, for RR's annual Angel Tree fundraiser.  Now, she has a family in the adoption process.  And, of course most recently, we have been praying for and advocating for Lilianna.  She has a family starting the adoption process for her, too!  Both girls should be home some time this year, Lord willing.



7.  This would be our precious Darya, who has been home with us for over a year :-)

Darya then: 

Darya now (our sweet little firecracker!):

8. and 9.  Catherine and Anna are still in need of families.  We are still praying for them!  Would you please pray for them, too?  Thanks!!

Catherine is still waiting:

So is Anna:

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  1. Wow, Marianne! The before and after photos are amazing. These children are truly blessed by your faithful prayers for them. What an encouragement this must be!