Monday, January 9, 2012

Short Update and Some Good News

Well, the holidays have come and gone, and I didn't do a single post or share any pics......well, a few are down below.  Better late than never, right?  With Christmas being on a Sunday, we ended up celebrating with the kids on the Friday before.  (Joel usually spends Saturdays finishing his preparations for church the following day).  That Friday, we had our annual traditional cookie decorating party with our church family (such a fun tradition!).  After that, we went home and the kids opened up their presents.  On Sunday, we had church in the morning then in the evening we had a few church families over for dinner and had a wonderful time!  New Year's Day, Darya and Nate woke up not feeling well so I stayed home from church with them.  After a couple of days, Nate got better but Darya didn't.  I took her to the doctor last Wednesday and my sweet little peanut has pneumonia (it was determined after she was sent for a chest x-ray - which she hated!) :-(  She's been on antibiotics since then, but there hasn't been much improvement.  I took her back this morning, and the doctor is starting her on liquid Albuterol.  If there's no significant improvement by Wednesday, I'll have to take her back.  It's so hard to see her not feeling well, and she has NO appetite.  Thankfully, she's getting enough fluids.  I just want her to feel better!

On a brighter note, I wanted to share some exciting news about Lilianna!

1. She exceeded her Angel Tree goal by more than double, $2,216.03 $2,866.03 was raised (and I know there are some more donations that will be added)!!

2. After the Angel Tree fundraiser, another donation of about $1,000 was added to her grant putting her total at $3,274.53 $3,924.53!!

3.  And the best news?  I found out today that she has a family committed to adopting her!!!!

Some pics from the holidays:

They can't wait to rip open the presents:


Darya opened the present from Nate - beans!  (I wondered where that can went! haha)

Darya looking through our fence (I just thought this was a cute picture)

Luna!  Isn't she a cute dog?

They LOVE each other so much!

Joel and I had a rare date night with some very good friends of ours (this was taken at the Columbia restaurant in St. Augustine)


  1. I'm so happy for Lilianna and you. You and Sarah worked so hard to advocate for her. Now, she will have her very own family. That is great news. BTW your little Luna looks just like my yorkipoo Buddy.

  2. beautiful pics Marianne and just stopping by to yell YAY YAY YAY! lilianna MFFM page! you go girl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx