Saturday, April 24, 2010

59 pieces of love!

In only one week 59 pieces of the puzzle have been put together!!  (11 of the pieces were "claimed" outside this chip-in so that doesn't reflect the additional $55 that we have received for the puzzle fundraiser).  We are so thankful to our friends and their outpouring of love and support to our family and Darya.  Your generosity is helping us with our "first trimester" of our paper pregnancy and all the "co-pays" that go with it :-)

Many thanks go out to the following individuals and families for their contributions!:

Sofia Sanchez
Lily Metcalf

There are still 51 pieces left!  If you missed my first post on this fundraiser, you can find it HERE. Thank you everyone :-)  Here it is so far:


  1. cute idea. I bought in honor of my dream baby :)

  2. Oh Marianne, I love the puzzle. I have seen it posted a few times but thought it was just a regular puzzle and not a photo of your girl. What a neat idea! I like that the puzzle of her life is coming together for her as well as you. Hoping you get through the process in record time. Again, I am so happy for you all, what a cutie pie she is! Get ready to have a life of unpredictable fun!
    Cathy Bachman