Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pieces o' Love for Darya! - Our first fundraiser :)

I ordered this super-cute picture puzzle with Darya's photo on it.  It has 110 pieces.  I had the idea that if for every $5 you chip-in to our adoption fund I would write your name (or whoever you want to designate it in honor of - your son, daughter, dog, whoever!) on the back of a puzzle piece. As soon as I have a few pieces with names on the back, I'll post a picture on here and continue to update it as it is being put together.  Once it's all finished, I intend to frame it for Darya so she will always know how much she was loved by friends and family before she got here!  This is what it will look like when it's finished:

We still have a lot of random fees that will quickly add up and this would help us tremendously!  The other day I went to UPS and it cost me $111 to send 12 pieces of paper overseas!  And once we have the monstrous stack of papers for our dossier, we have to send it to the state office of something-or-other to get apostilled.  It costs $10 per page! Yikes!  So, anyway, all that to say that this will go toward our immediate costs, and therefore isn't "tax deductible" like our Family Sponsorship donations on Reece's Rainbow (which of course you're still welcome to donate there; who doesn't want a tax break and for a good cause at that? :-) ). Thank you all so much!!  We are truly humbled and thankful for all your support and prayers!! 

This is what it looks like now, so please help us put it together!  You can use the blue Chip-in link to your right on the sidebar :-)


  1. What a GREAT idea!! I'll donate $5.00 for Lily.

    Not sure if AAA is in Florida but if you are a member you can save 5% off of shipping and 15% off other things, such as copies, faxes, etc.