Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Home Study Visit

Our social worker, Donna Bradley, came for our home visit last night.  It went really well and we enjoyed our visit with her.  We had the pleasure of having her visit over dinner, so I made my chicken enchiladas and Joel made his salsa. Yum!  The boys love having guests over so were happy to "entertain" Mrs. Bradley : ) She has been great to work with (thanks Maria and Carolyn for referring me to her!)

We had our physicals yesterday and are awaiting lab results in order for them to be complete. Once those are done (in about a week), I'll give Donna a copy and she can then write up our home study!  We also sent in our I600A last week and they've already cashed the check.  I hope that means our fingerprinting appointment will be soon (within the next month??).  After our home study is written up, we will send a copy to USCIS.  And once USCIS has our home study and fingerprints, they will hopefully approve us! That is a major piece to the dossier puzzle.  We're still working on the other pieces, but that's a biggie!

Here are Donna and I last night (wow I look pale - need some sun!):


  1. Thank you for keeping us updated Marianne! I am happy all went well and things seem to be moving along quickly. I'll call later today. :-)

  2. Well....you live in FL!! What is the excuse on the sun??? :) Glad to hear that things continue to move forward. You will be in her country before you know it!!

  3. Love her ! so glad it went well. praying for you guys :)

  4. I can't believe it's all happening so fast- This is exciting! Love the updates!