Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A huge blessing!!

I honestly don't know what to say or how to express my gratitude, but today I just found out that Darya's grant is HUGE!  We are so blessed, thankful, humbled, appreciative, and a whole bunch of other feelings! That means that we won't have much to left fundraise for all the adoption costs and can press forward with all the paperwork in hopes of getting her in record time!  Unbelievable!! Praise God!! When I first saw the money in her grant, I was literally shaking and had to email Andrea (the director of Reece's Rainbow) to make sure it was correct!  There is an amazing story about an amazing family behind that, that some of you might already know. But I'm not going to share it in this post.  I just don't think I can come up with the right words right now. Let's just say I am in awe.

So, I'll just share about the other stuff going on.  We have already been to the bank to have some documents notarized.  There is a great notary there for which we are thankful!  Had some paperwork apostilled and the first batch will be sent to Darya's country via UPS tomorrow.  Joel and I have our physicals scheduled in less than two weeks.  Our social worker had a family emergency right before our scheduled home study visit, so that is postponed until further notice. But she can't complete it until some different clearances come in (local police, state, and child abuse, I think).  We also need to give her a copy of our physical.

Oh, and yesterday when we went to the county appraiser's office to get a form notarized to prove that we own and live in our house, I met a really neat woman who works there (the one who signed the form).  I told her we were adopting a little girl with Down syndrome.  She then pulled up a picture of the cutest little boy - her grandson with Down syndrome!  It was neat hearing about him.  I shared her my blog address and the Reece's Rainbow website, so if you're reading this - hello!!  Oh, and she also told me about someone in her office who went to adopt one boy in Darya's country (can't share that on here) but came home with FOUR girls instead!  Love it!


  1. I figured that when you committed to Darya that you knew the story!! Wow - glad that you found out in a backward way! How Fun!!

  2. How amazing! Yay for you guys, and Darya! I want to hear the story!

  3. Julia, I have been following that family's blog since last fall. When we committed to Darya, there was a significant amount already in her grant and we weren't entirely sure if the rest would go in it. We certainly didn't want to assume it and were just so thankful for the already large grant she had in place and were prepared to move forward with some major fundraising. When I saw yesterday that there was an even larger amount now in her grant, I was completely in awe. We are just blown away.

  4. I followed Darya's story from the other family for a while. I lost touch and then saw her back on RR! I was so upset b/c she is a precious angel!! Her grant was huge and God was just waiting for the perfect family for her. Isn't it amazing how he used 2 great families to get her here. SO exicted to follow your journey. She is precious. Oh and the blue stuff on her face you will see everywhere. We adopted our daughter off RR in Sept. and lots of the kids have it all over their faces and arms and legs.

  5. Julia, like others reading your blog, I followed the Hollis family and their attempted adoption of Darya. You might be interested in their blog. Their blog is public so I feel I can give you the address. You can see their journey at Their writings and absolute devotion to God and family are beautiful to read about.

  6. I guess I am reading your posts out of order as I already commented on your previous post about this but I love the story of how Darya got her grant fund. I truly believe now that the other family was meant to fundraise and you were meant to raise her. Such an inspiring story!!! (I know that people that don't know her story are dying of curiosity now:)