Friday, October 1, 2010

Aunt Nene and the Dancing Queen

My sister Janene arrived safely in Odessa yesterday (Thursday).  It is so great to have her here!!  She arrived just in time to go to the afternoon orphanage visit.  Let's just say that Aunt Nene (pronounced knee-knee) loves her new little niece!  I am so thankful for Janene to be here to help me take Darya home.  

Oh, and boy does Darya like music, and she's got some good moves to go with it!  Be sure to watch her dancing to Abba's "Dancing Queen" below! 
Aunt Nene and Darya

I love Darya's "old man" face!

"Do I hear Abba?"

Dinner at Compote

Darya dancing to Abba's "Dancing Queen"


  1. Oh my gosh!! That video is one of the cutest I have ever seen! Such a happy baby!

  2. loved watching her dance she is adorable

  3. This is too funny! Glad your sister got there. We're so looking forward to seeing Darya in person.

  4. That video is HILARIOUS! What a sweetheart!

  5. Go Darya, go! She reminds me of Zoya, happy and Musically Inclined for sure!

  6. Now Ben has some serious competition! :-)

  7. Thanks so much for the morning smile that gave me!! She is so sweet. And the background singing was great!! :)

  8. That's the cutest thing :) Looks just like my daughter groovin to her dinosaur that sings :)