Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Florida girl

I can't believe it's been almost a week since I updated.  The days are full and good in our house.  I've started up homeschooling again and trying to get into that routine after being off for the past 4 months.  It's going well, slowly but surely :-)  We are falling more and more in love with Darya each day. What's not to love?? She has got us wrapped around her pudgy little fingers :-)  As far as medical stuff, she's got her immunizations started, bloodwork going, and referral appointments underway. Tomorrow morning she will see a pediatric congenital heart defect cardiologist.  I hope that the surgery for her ASD last year doesn't need any follow-up surgery.  According to the orphanage doctor, she is fine and should be seen by a cardiologist twice a year for routine check-ups.
Anyway, as summer weather still holds on here in Florida, I decided to take the kids for a quick swim today.  We will probably have very few days left before we have to "close" our pool until next spring.  Darya and I sat by the edge where she happily splashed and splashed.  The boys even rescued a lizard from sure death by drowning in the pool, and it showed its gratitude by befriending Darya.  I got a couple of cute shots, the last for a while since I dropped the camera in the pool. Thankfully the SD card wasn't ruined, so enjoy these photos as any future ones will be from my phone until we can replace our beloved Canon Powershot. :-) Enjoy!

My four little minnows (and if you look really close you can see their new lizard friend)

Splish splash! While doing the splits :-)


 Can you spot her new friend the lizard on her?

Here he is up close

 "Mom, I want to go swimming like my brothers."

"Mom, I mean it!  I REALLY want to go in the pool!"


Wrinkled little piggies


  1. she is just too cute..Iam always thrilled to see update pics of children brought from the ukraine..did she get her blankie from your mom??

  2. Marianne, she is so adorable!! She gives the best facial expressions!!

  3. It's like she has been doing all of this stuff all of her life!! She doesn't seem to be afraid of anything. What an amazing gift you have been given. I find that I am almost jealous :) I am bummed about your camera as I could look at pics of her everyday!!!

  4. Your family looks wonderful. Darya looks like she is doing just what she is suppose to. Wrap you all around her chubby fingers! :):)

  5. Oh Marianne, she is so precious in these pictures and it looks like she LOVES the water! Thank you for sharing Darya with all of us. I love the ones of her all wet. So cute!

  6. Oh my goodness! That pouty face is priceless! I can definitely tell how she has you all wrapped around her finger! ;-)

  7. She has the cutest little face!! Glad she was able to enjoy the pool with her brothers. Sorry to hear about your camera.