Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 weeks home

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since we flew home. Sorry for the lack of updates as we've just been busy and adjusting to life with the princess.  But considering she has been removed from the only home she has ever known, traveled across the world, and is now in a house with unfamiliar people who speak another language, she is doing really well!  Really, she is!  The first few days (week) were a bit difficult as we recovered from jet lag and colds, but as we figure things out each day is getting easier. She is such a sweet little girl and adjusting really well.

I took her to the pediatrician the other day.  She weighs just shy of 18 pounds so is a bit of a peanut, but not off the charts.  I brought a copy of Darya's immunization record from Ukraine, and she is actually pretty up to date on everything.  She just needs a couple, which we'll spread out over the next couple of months, and she is good to go for a while.  I do need to take her back so they can run some blood work on her.  The pediatrician called me yesterday and has already made all the necessary contacts as far as medical and therapeutic referrals.  I look forward to getting things moving on that front!

Feeding has been somewhat of a tough issue. Darya usually puts up a bit of a fight before each meal, but eventually realizes she's not going to win the battle and will oblige us and eat.  She does not like anything with much texture so she's pretty much eating baby food. She also does not do well with anything cold.  I think at the orphanage everything was warm and likely fed to her in a bottle with a large hole so everything sort of poured out.  She will not hold her sippy cup (more like a bottle) also likely because of this.  Her pediatrician said to keep feeding her baby food until we work on feeding issues with an occupational therapist.  She also has us give her liquid multi-vitamins with iron with a bit of juice for absorption.  I don't think she was fed a wide-variety of nutritious food at the orphanage.  She also said to add a dab of butter or olive oil in her meals to give her extra fat that she needs for brain development. those doctor's orders go for me, too? hehe

Darya is a great sleeper so I have no complaints in that department!  It only took her a couple of nights to adjust to the jet lag, and she sleeps for about 12 hours a night.  She was taking 2 naps when we first brought her home (though only one at the orphanage), but now I think she will just be a one-nap kid.  She sleeps for a couple of hours at a time. Yay!

She is warming up to her brothers now.  She "tolerates" them much better and doesn't smack them as much when they get too close to her any more.  In fact, she lets them get her out of her crib or her carseat, and loves it when they sing songs to her.  They are all such good big brothers and are very patient with her.  Ben really wants to help feed her, but until we overcome that issue it will just be Joel and me.  When I first got home with her, she didn't even want to go to Joel. It took her a couple of days, and though she still prefers Mom, she now does love her time with Dad (she has got him wrapped around her finger!).  We have had no bonding issues on our side and she seems to have really bonded with us. We are so thankful for that!

Darya loooves music!  We sing several of the same songs over and over to familiarize her with them, and she will sometimes try to join in the hand motions.  I bought her a toy piano that lights up and plays music at a yard sale last weekend.  The best dollar I've spent in a while! She loves that thing!  Oh, and often times when she's fussy, I'll sing my own off-key tone-deaf rendition of "Hush Little Baby" and it calms her right down :-)

Another good thing is that she doesn't seem to have any sensory issues with textures (aside from food).  She loves the feel of grass and we found out yesterday that she loves sand. I should probably get some big plastic containers filled with beans or rice for her to play with.  I bet she'd love that.

And now for some pictures!!

Playing in the sand

Daddy's sleepy girl

She loves the swing so much!  (Recognize this outfit?)


  1. Of course I patiently read through every word you wrote knowing that I was anxiously hoping there would be pictures to follow :) I am so glad she is adjusting well. She looks simply beautiful. I can't wait to meet her!!!

  2. She looks beautiful and ready to blossom with your love!

  3. Oh my, "Daddy's sleepy girl" brings me to the happiest of tears!!! Absolutely Beautiful!!!!

  4. She is si incredibly beautiful. I LOVE that first photo.

  5. She is so cute, and its so great to hear its going so well! Kids are so good at adjusting.

  6. She is a beautiful little princess!!! As a parent of a biological son who is 23 and has DS -thank you for adopting her!!! Thank you also for sharing your story and inspiring others to adopt special needs children!!!!

  7. What a darling! God bless her. Pics are so cute! Go glad she is adjusting well. :)

  8. What a beautiful new addition to your family and such a fashion plate to boot! Love that brown & white dress - I could picture it on Jackie O!

  9. Lovely pictures, we have a picky eater too, texture and stickiness are things she really doesn't like. She just started eating Mash potatoes today and I breathed a sigh of thanks, I was running out of things to cook! We do smoothies with our Lucy just to get veggies and fruit into her :)

  10. She is just precious. Congratulations!