Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dossier complete, pending approval!

We have all the documents we need for our dossier, aside from the I-171H (permission from immigration)!!  I'm just waiting to hear back from our stateside helper to make sure a couple of the documents are fine.  Now I'll just be hounding the mailman until that golden ticket arrives!  I really hope to have it within the next couple of weeks.  As soon as it arrives, we'll jump in the minivan and head to Tallahassee!  We'll have to get all of the forms apostilled (I think there are 27) then shipped straight to Darya's in-country facilitator who will translate everything and submit it to the SDA (State Dept. of Adoption).  It seems to be averaging about 5-6 weeks from the date the dossier is shipped to the appointment date at the SDA.  So, if there are no more bumps we could be flying at the end of next month or early September!  Woohoo!


  1. CONGRATS!!!

    We just finished the new documents and our dossier is complete, too! We will be getting it apostilled and mailing it on Friday! It looks like we should be at the orphanage during the same time frame, which makes me SO happy! :)

    I hope you get your I-171H really soon! Praying that golden ticket comes quickly!

  2. I second your woohoo!! The excitement is welling up for us here in CA...I can't imagine how it must feel for you!!! We'll keep praying for everything to be speedy.