Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In country travel

All this time, I thought between Darya's grant, the donations we've received from others, and the promise trust that we will get back should be plenty to cover all of our adoption expenses.  We are beyond blessed for all of this wonderful provision and so grateful for everyone's generosity to help us bring Darya home!!!  But one cost that I didn't sufficiently estimate for was in-country travel (slaps self on forehead).  I kind of guesstimated $1000 in miscellaneous costs while in country thinking that would suffice for in-country travel, but was told to plan for $2000 for in country travel while we're there ( and no, that's not for a stretch limo or private jet! lol). We'll walk as much as we can, take the cheap bus, etc. But there are lots of times we will have to pay for a driver (running us around to all the different places to take care of all the paperwork) and take an overnight train to Darya's city from the capitol.  Yikes.  So, stay tuned for some last minute fundraisers!  Oh, and if we do happen to have any money leftover after we get Darya home we are planning on "paying it forward" to another waiting child's grant or another family in the adoption process.

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