Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Little Setback

So, today I saw on another adoptive family's blog that they need to get a notarized copy of their social worker's license that was in effect during their actual home visit....not the new one.  Social workers, I think, have to renew their licenses once a year.  Our home visit was in April, but our social worker's license was up for renewal in June, so she included her new license with our written home study.  I emailed Andrea of Reece's Rainbow, and she was super fast to reply. She hadn't yet heard anything from our facilitator regarding our paperwork, but if the other family had that issue we were likely to, too, so had better contact our social worker asap (which I did).  Well, now we need to get her to send us a notarized copy of her old license that was effective during our home visit, then send it to Tallahassee to be apostilled (I'm not sure that we'll drive there again), then ship it off to Eastern Europe.  But, because our facilitator is only permitted to submit 3 dossiers per week to the SDA and there are a few families ahead of us, there is no way we would have been submitted this next Thursday anyway.  Normally it averages about 2 weeks from the time you send your dossier to the time you're submitted to the SDA. But there have been quite a few family's who have sent their dossiers recently, so there's a bit of a "line", so to speak.  ***BIG SIGH***......such is international adoption!! This may be a surprise to me, but not to God!  I have to remind myself that He is in control! :-)  So if any of you are willing, we'd appreciate your prayers that there will be no more hiccups so we can get our baby girl soon!!


  1. So glad you found this out now!

  2. Not sure if you would be interested, but I couldn't make it to Tallahasee for apostille on redo papers and yes we had to send both licenses too. But if you go to, Karen will get the papers apostille that day and send it out to Ukraine if you provide her with a pre-paid envelope. She was wonderful! We are still waiting to on submission, this wait is horrible! Kim B.

  3. Yup, He is setting the timeline... teaching us patience and perserverance I suppose, lol. I think having the SDA closed for the first two weeks of July created a backlog of dossiers with our facilitators.

    We had a nasty roadblock while we were trying to compile our dossier. The Town Clerk refused to write the letter we needed about our house. I was shocked, frustrated, angry... Eventually I was able to get the document from the county. When I was at the county office, a man asked about why we were doing this and I had the chance to share about orphans with special needs and about our faith in God. It's all for a reason ya know :-)