Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Portrait Fundraiser!

NEW ADOPTION FUNDRAISER: WIN a signed original portrait by the neither-famous-nor-renowned artist Joel Fick for a small donation of only $10.

Yes the end is in sight. In just over a month we will be heading to Eastern Europe to finalize OUR ADOPTION of DARYA. We are grateful for all the love and support we have been shown to this point, but we have recently come to the conclusion that we have underestimated our in-country expenses and feel we need to fund-raise approximately $2000 more. To that end we are going to have one final fundraiser.

Over the years I have dabbled in pencil portrait rendering, even winning a few awards along the way. The attached portrait is my most recent rendering. It is a portrait of my parents done from a simple picture on their Christmas card. If you don't know my parents trust me it looks just like them. If you do know my parents, well... it at least slightly resembles them. In any case, for a small $10 donation, you too could have the opportunity to win a lovely and original Joel Fick Pencil Portrait that slightly resembles someone you know to add to your collection of other fine art ;-)

Drawing details...

ART DETAILS: The portrait will be of a person of your choice and will be rendered on your choice of either 11x14 in. or 14x17 in. 300 Series Strathmore Bristol Vellum paper. I will work from any photograph you have permission to work from.

ENTRY RULES and DONATIONS: A $10 donation will get you 1 giveaway entry and $25 will get you 3 giveaway entries. For those of you who have already contributed to our adoption, whether to our Family Sponsorship Profile with Reece's Rainbow, through our puzzle fundraiser, or directly to us you will automatically receive one entry! We will randomly draw one name at the end of August and announce the winner! You can then send me the photo of someone you'd like a portrait resembling. Christmas is just around the corner and portraits make wonderful gifts, or make wonderful wrapping paper as well.

PAYMENT DETAILS: You can make your donation with Paypal through the "Chip-in" in the sidebar of our blog. Or you can give it to us directly in person or mail. Because this will go directly to us, and not our Family Sponsorship Profile on Reece's Rainbow it won't be tax deductible (the time frame is too close to travel that the grants will likely have been distributed to us before this fundraiser ends so we can make flight arrangements and such). Thanks so much for your support and participation in helping us bring Darya home!


  1. hi marianne! this is eliza park from new life many years ago :) saw your blog and am so excited for you guys! what a beautiful girl. we just adopted a 2 yr old from china two months ago! it has been challenging in the initial adjustment, but we are thankfully transitioning into a more rewarding stage :) anyways, we'll be following your journey now and praying for all the many things involved. much love to your family!

  2. I hope it is ok, and if it isn't just let me know and I'll make any changes you want... but I posted your prize draw (literally lol) on my blog. I hope you get some more entries!