Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dossier SENT!

We just got back from Tallahassee where we had 27 documents apostilled then shipped our dossier to our facilitator in Darya's country!!  We had 3 documents apostilled in other states, making the "beast" (as it's lovingly called by many) consist of 30 official document groupings. What a relief to be done with all that paper-chasing and so much closer to our daughter!

What's next? Well, I'll be checking the UPS website to track our package like a hawk.  It should arrive at customs by Friday. Once our facilitator has her hands on it, she'll work on translating it, making sure everything's perfect, then submit it to the SDA (State Dept. of Adoptions) for approval.  Once reviewed and approved by the SDA, we will receive an official invitation for Joel and me to get our referral for Darya.  From now until that appointment will be anywhere from 1 - 2 months. it's the wait part of "hurry up and wait".

Now off to make some dinner for a hungry group of travelers....

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