Saturday, September 25, 2010

Another child in need: please help Yulia

It can be truly overwhelming knowing how many children languish around the world without a family, without love, and even without the basic necessities of life, especially the least wanted - the orphans labeled "special needs". There are so many orphans around the world with very little hope, and even the children at Darya's orphanage is no exception. I will share my heart on that after we get her home. This is a public blog, after all, and I'm still in country.

There are several adoption blogs that I follow, and one of my favorites is a mom by the name of Adeye. She and her husband have three biological sons like Joel and me. They then adopted two little girls from China (I think), then two more little girls with Down syndrome this year from Ukraine (through Reece's Rainbow like us). Just watching their daughters blossom once they received the love of a family and proper care is awe-inspiring to say the least. Adeye has been burdened by one very special little girl at the orphanage where her Ukrainian daughters were that has very little hope. It is not only because Yulia has special needs, but because that her life is guaranteed to be shortened. She will die shortly (within a few years) as there is no cure for Cockayne syndrome. But she will die alone in a crib, unless a family is willing to come forward and bring her home so she can live the rest of her days in the arms of a loving family. It absolutely breaks my heart. Adeye is trying to raise funds so a willing family would not have to be burdened by the financial aspect of adoption costs. In just two days over $12,000 has been donated! God is moving on hearts for sure. That is half the amount needed to bring this little girl home. It reminds me of when Lydia Hollis raised the money for Darya in ONE WEEK last year. And here I am, her mother, about to bring this beautiful child home. She has been declared my daughter. She has a family. She will receive proper medical care. And you know who's the blessed one? Us. Yes, Darya is blessed that she will now have all of this, no doubt. But we are blessed beyond measure to have been given the gift of Darya. I know that Yulia will be a gift, too, to a family.

I know my post has been long, but if you're still with me, please hop on over to Adeye's blog so you can read about Yulia. Please pray this little girl will get a family soon and that they will not have to worry about finances,and if you're able please donate, no amount is too small!:

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  1. God Bless you for doing this! Cockayne children are social, loving, and capable of so much if given the chance...I know because I am mom to a sweet little girl who had cockayne. Yulia has captured my heart. Thank you, thank you for caring...