Friday, September 17, 2010

We love this girl!!

Things are going really well and we are really bonding with Darya! We are falling more and more in love with this precious girl every day!  What's not to love?  :-)  

Look at those cheeks!

Itsy bitsy spider



  1. Marianne,
    She is very cute. She seems to be very happy with her new parents.
    JJ miss Nat.
    A week ago, while the kids were sitting for lunch. Marcus said JJ miss his bff.
    Then someone ask who is JJ bff, and Lella said Nat :) so funny :)
    JJ miss Nat so much, he keep asking me when are they coming home :)

  2. Darya looks so amazing! David and I were looking at her old pictures from a year ago and are amazed at how vibrant she seems now since she had surgery. Praise the Lord for modern medicine:) Can't wait to kiss those cheeks and do a choral rendition of itsy bitsy spider with all the kids together!

  3. I know I already said this of facebook, but I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL TOO!!! That is such a great (half) family picture of you guys. Can't wait to see whole family picture!!

  4. Those are all great pictures! The family picture is especially sweet. Love the bow! :)

  5. What cute pictures. You guys make us want to do this all over again. Now we know we were just put into a bad place there in Odessa. That really makes all the difference. We never saw anything like your pictures. We never had the fun you are having. I am so glad that it worked out better for you guys than it did for us. I know in the end all that mattered was the end result, the little baby that you hold so dear to you now. We are still praying for you guys for your court date and your safe travel home.

  6. I'm SO jealous that you're in Ukraine with sweaters on!!! Odessa looks beautiful too! Of course when we were in Zaporozhye in June they were experiencing their worst heat wave in 80yr! Go figure!

    Darya is an absolute doll!!! Enjoy your little sweetie!

  7. She sure is a cutie Marianna!! I just love her lil smile!! So cant wait to meet my lil guy very soon as well!!

  8. Awwww those cheeks are adorable! So cute! Lover her outfit.. I love hot pink :)

  9. Oh my goodness!! She is gorgeous. It does my heart good to see her kissing her momma!