Tuesday, September 21, 2010

No court yet

It's early Tuesday morning and we've been in Darya's city for almost 2 weeks now.  We still don't have a court date but were assured it would be this week.  Apparently here they do things a bit differently than everywhere else in the country.  In Darya's city, you have to get a local referral as well as the one at the SDA. Then it all gets sent to SDA, and now we're waiting to hear for a date.  But, we can be given short notice of 3 days or less.  We are really praying for Wednesday (tomorrow) so Joel can be home in time for the boys to be back home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa in California!  We Skyped with them this morning and I am really starting to feel the weight of being away from them.  I miss my boys a lot and can't wait for all of us to be together again soon!

As much as I love my boys, I also love this girl:

Our visits are going fine.  We never get her the full 2 hours at a time during visiting hours. Sometimes we wait up to 45 minutes until they bring her out to us (yesterday they forgot to call her groupa to say we're here!). Then sometimes they'll come get her from us early for lunch.  Oh, then there's the days where it's after 6pm and we have to track someone down so we can give her back!  My brilliant husband recorded our translator saying in Russian on his phone, "We're finished with Darya, come and get her".  So he gave it a try yesterday and it worked like a charm!  He called her room on the rotary phone in the lobby (there's a list of groupa numbers), played the recording, and they came to get her!

Even though our visit with her are short at times, we are enjoying what we can get and are looking forward to the time when she'll be with us 24/7. :-)

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  1. Okay...so I was finally able to get onto Joel's website (for some reason aol wouldn't let me on it)and every single video of Darya left me with the biggest grin on my face :) And then all those pictures of you with the brides were hysterical. It definitely wasn't the same just seeing a couple pics on your blog, you must see all of the pics for it to really crack you up. Glad you guys are making the best of being away from home. Come on court date!!