Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 2

This morning when we arrived at the orphanage, we saw Darya sitting in a white van on some lady's lap getting ready to leave.  When we went to check in at the office, we found out that she was on her way for a cardiologist appointment for a check-up.  Needless to say we were sad that we didn't get to spend that time with her.

We had a wonderful afternoon visit with her!  She is just precious and we are so thankful for her. What a blessing she is!  It is fun as we are getting to know each other, and discovering her personality.  She is a very sweet little girl and takes pleasure in the simplest of things. She loves bubbles, the swing, the slide, singing, and just being loved on.  Her giggle just melts our hearts!  While we were walking the orphanage grounds today and Joel was softly singing to her, she started to sing her own little song.  It was too sweet.

This evening as we were walking around downtown (just outside our apartment) we saw a little boy with Down syndrome dancing to some music. He was so cute!  It was encouraging seeing him and hope that more families here choose to and are able to keep their children born with Down syndrome.

For now, my blog posts have been somewhat bit brief, but I plan to share more about our experiences with travel, the culture, the orphanage, the people, etc.  It's been great so far and are so grateful how wonderful this whole experience has been for us thus far.

Though we are having fun, we miss our boys dearly.  We were finally able to Skype with them last night and it was wonderful!  Boys, if you're reading this I want you to know that we love you and miss you and are praying for you! We hope you are having fun with Grandpa and Grandma!  We can't wait to give you big hugs and kisses when we get home. We just know that Darya is going to love her big brothers!!

Thank you again everyone for your kindness, support, love, and prayers!  We are so thankful for all of you.  This is such an amazing journey that the Lord has brought us on.   We love reading all your comments and are encouraged by them :-)

Here are some pictures from today. For more pictures and videos, please check out Joel's blog:


  1. She looks so sweet and happy with her new parents! Hope you keep updating daily for all us blog stalkers out here.

  2. Oh she is such a doll! Im just so happy that you guys are having such a great time!! I wish we could go back when the weather is like it is now! You're new daughter is so cute, I am just so happy for you! Reading your blog brings back so many memories for us. There was a lady in that same orphanage that was so mean to us. She had short blond hair and was a little bit heavier. She did not like Americans. Just wondering if you have come across her yet? Anyways, keep the pictures coming!!!! Still praying!

  3. She is so cute and tiny. I'm glad to see her so happy with you guys. From what I heard long ago, was that she was not paid any attention. I think it shows the caregivers do love her and care the best they can for her.

    Love seeing the pictures!

  4. Darya is so cute! I love the pictures where she is wearing those adorable hats. I'm so glad things seem to be working out well. Love the updates.

  5. She is so lovely!!!! We are very excited for your family and can't wait to meet her! You are in our prayers!! - James and Taylor

  6. She's adorable and has a beautiful smile! I love the photos and the updates!