Monday, September 27, 2010

Some things I love about Darya

Her chocolate brown eyes
The little angel kisses scattered on her cheeks (can't wait for them to come in full-force in the Florida sun!)
Her chubby little fingers
Her sense of fashion ;-)  <---click here
The way she says, "ooooh" or "boccckkkk" or "dada" (still working on "mama"!)
The way she snuggles in close for some lovin'
The way she loves to hold my hands and walk, then goes "jello legs" on me when she's done
The way she does "itsy bitsy spider" with me
The way she dances
The way her face glows with pride after she's taken a few steps
And I could go on and on.......

But the one thing I don't like about Darya.....when she comes out with something worse than dog breath after eating who knows what for lunch! (I first thought she had a mess in her diaper)  Yuck!  Pass the Altoids please! haha ....but I love her anyway!


  1. Wow I love all those same things!

  2. Darya is beautiful! She exudes such promise. Your boys are so blessed to have her as a sister. Congratulations!