Monday, September 27, 2010

Do you think they miss me much?

The boys had a wonderful time in California with Grandpa and Grandma.  I know the time flew by for them because they were having such a good time.  They received glowing reports that they were well-behaved and polite.  Maybe Grandpa and Grandma will want to do this again?? ;-)  They are now back home in Florida with Joel. Saturday, a dear friend of mine planned a special birthday for Sam.  The boys went swimming, had cupcakes and pizza, and just had a good time celebrating Sam's birthday.  I'd say they are doing just find without their mama!  Sam also got a Swiss Army knife for his birthday.  He couldn't be a happier boy!  He has been sawing and cutting all sorts of sticks and branches and just having a blast with it.  I can't wait to get pictures from their California trip, but here are some from Saturday:

EDITED TO ADD 9/28: I just watched a video when they sang Happy Birthday to Sam taken by my dear friend Shelli who planned this birthday party.  In the video, Sam didn't want to make a birthday wish, but in the background Nate said, "I made a wish that Mommy was here!"  - Be still my heart!!!


  1. Wow, what a good looking group of boys you have!!!

  2. I think you WILL have to do this again...a little sister for Darya!! Exciting!

  3. I hope my boys do that good, because I miss them so bad already that I can barely stand it! When I talked to them last night they sounded like they didn't even miss me, when I bawled the whole time. Not letting them hear because I didn't want to scare them!

  4. Marianne,

    They are doing well. Last night in the church, they were sitting next to Joel and behaved themselves very well.

    Nat and JJ played after church, as usual, the 2 twins :)They were very happy.

    I have send Joe a copy of my schedule for the next 3 weeks if he needs me to take care of the boys when he needs a break or need times without distraction while preparing sermons and stuffs.

    I am willing to take care of the boy, supervising their home school etc.

    So do not worry about things here, we all will all chip in and you take good care of yourself there and what needed to be done there, we shall look forward to your coming back.