Friday, September 3, 2010

Saying goodbye

What a bittersweet week this has been!  Joel dropped the boys and me off at the Jacksonville airport early Monday morning and I think the goodbye was harder for him than the boys.  He had to go home to an empty house and they had California with a fun-packed itinerary to look forward to.  But we would rather us be the sad ones!
Joel and the boys' goodbye
Monday when we arrived to Los Angeles, my dad aka "Pop" picked us up. We pigged out at an oriental buffet for lunch, then enjoyed some California sunshine, cool breezes, and the Pacific Ocean.  Oh, how I miss the Pacific!  Later on we met up with the Franciscos and their 4 kids (hi Emma and Ethan if you're reading this!) - remember Andrew is our inspiration for adopting Darya!

The boys and Grandpa Chucky (Marianne's dad)
Then on Tuesday we went to Disneyland! We got the hook-up from a high school friend who works there as we all got in for free (can't beat that!).  It was a wonderful day as we also met up with other friends step sister Michelle and her son Willan and Missy (a friend since junior high!) and her adorable cupcake Lily.  Let's just say we had an awesome time!!  We also got to see two out of three of my brothers this trip!
The Ficks, the Franciscos, and my nephew Joey on the far right at Disneyland

Me and my princes in front of the castle
Wednesday was the heart-breaker day.  Joel's parents picked us up from Anaheim, took us to In-N-Out for lunch (cheeseburger animal style!), then the dreaded drop-off.  Saying goodbye was so hard. The boys cried a bit, but I think they were just so excited to be going with Grandpa and Grandma (Sam couldn't stop thinking about the Angel's baseball game that they're going to!).  I was better after a while. But I know this is for a season and we will all be okay!  We Skyped with the boys last night to test it out and I think it will help a lot!

Lunch with grandpa and grandma

Saying goodbye!
Well, lots to do today. Gotta finish packing and cleaning! Tomorrow we are Eastern Europe bound!!  To Darya or bust!


  1. Oh Marianne....I'm so excited for you and I totally understand how hard it is to leave. My thoughts are prayers are with you and I'm just so thrilled about this next chapter in your life. You are going to do the most amazing thing. Darya is soooooo lucky!!!!!

  2. It was so good seeing you!! Have a safe trip!!

  3. You sure have cute boys! Darya is going to fit in nicely as the princess! :)

    Prayers for safe travel tomorrow and for peace in your hearts through this journey.

  4. Oh with those sweet brothers I think Darya is going to be one spoiled princess ;) She'll fit right in with the rest of your cute kiddos

  5. I am sure it is so hard to leave the boys behind and yet at the same time be so excited about what is about to come. I thought about you while you were here, wishing it would have worked out to meet you but the timing was just off and I know that we have your next trip out to look forward to WITH Darya!!! I hope you have a perfect trip over there and I will start looking for some pics of Darya around the 8th (assuming you get to see her the next day after your referral :)

  6. Woohoo! I am going to really love following along as you travel since I know now that mine is coming soon! Sorry, you are missing your boys :( That is going to be hard for me too, but like you said we know that it's just for a season and it is gonna be worth it :)