Friday, September 24, 2010

"I'm a lone lonely loner"

My boys will recognize that quote from Sid in Ice Age 3: The Meltdown.  :-)

Joel left two nights ago to Kiev and is now on his way back to Florida. He will be arriving in Jacksonville just hours before the boys are scheduled to land. He is planning to stay in the boarding area so he can be right there as they walk off the plane!  I'm praying all goes well.

Also, Joel accidentally took the camera with him, so I won't be able to take many pictures.  I do have my cell phone and could take low-quality ones, though.  Also, I could bug the Parkers to take some (which Kate did take some of Darya's awesome couture orphanage attire yesterday).

Well, nothing new to report!  Things are going well and I've knocked off two of the 10 days wait (actually it's going to be 12 since it falls on a weekend).  Off to visit Darya now......

Edited to Add: I should have mentioned that Joel will be sending the camera to my sister so she will bring it with her when she comes here next week! I will definitely be getting Gotcha Day pics!!


  1. I am already having withdrawls!! No more pictures? I can't take it!! How will you photograph "Gotcha day"...oh my. I guess this will be a lesson in patience for me :) Hope your solo time is going okay. Too bad you are in another country...I am just sitting her in the hospital with Ella, we could have been chatting.

  2. Just watching ice age 3 with my 3 year old son

    I google'd the Sid line because it sounded like a poetic quote - Byronesque
    Your page was top list on google!
    All the best to you

  3. Thanks Ralph! That's too funny :-) My boys often quote lines from that movie!